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Penis Massage Oil 


How to Massage the Penis With Oil?

Want to know how to perform a penis massage? Massaging the penis with our massaging oil has numerous health benefits. Here are three simple steps to use these motions to your advantage for better genital health.

Step 1: Wake up the area

Gently relax the penis by first massaging the penis oil on the surrounding pelvic region. Massaging the penis can be highly effective in tight foreskin penis treatment as well.

Step 2: Work It Up

Start massaging the oil by wrapping both hands around the penis, and use your thumbs and fingers to apply gentle pressure. Stretch the penis by giving it a gentle pull; this helps release tension.

Step 3: Scrotum Massage

Gently massage the scrotum area with penis massage oil. Stretch it away from the penis and massage it.