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IntimaFresh  is our signature vaginal oil.

This vaginal / yoni oil is consists of botanical extracts that will help heal & prevent female vaginal complaints. 

Our Vaginal Oil is a homogeneous mix of botanical extracts such as Rose + Lavender oil which are naturally rich in vitamins to help soften, nourish and restore sensitive skin. This Vaginal oil can be used as a lubricant but the primary benefit of it is to restore moisture of the Mons Pubis and Labia Majora.

FACT: The vagina is naturally self-cleaning & self-maintaining.

FACT: One must consumes a healthy and balance diet which consists of plenty of water, and regular showers/bath with natural soaps to assist the vagina to do it’s natural duties. If however, any or a combination of such good health & hygiene practices slows down, a woman may succumb to vaginal complaints. 

This is where our signature Vaginal oil/ Yoni Oil comes in to the RESCUE. 

Ingredients: Organic Rose oil (Soothes skin & gives a refreshing arousing scent). Jojoba oil, Moringa oil, Camellia oil, Sunflower Oil, Aloe Vera, and Lavender. 


Reduced Irritation, Itchiness & Redness

Reduced Odor

Increase Vaginal Lubrication & Soothe

Prevents Yeast & BV

Improved Elasticity

Improved Hydration

Helps Increase Sensitivity