Fort ( Gres Cacao)
Fort ( Gres Cacao)
Fort ( Gres Cacao)
Fort ( Gres Cacao)

Fort ( Gres Cacao)

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Haitian Gres Cacao

What is Gres Cacao?

Product size: 2 oz jar 

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Gres Cacao is an herbal male enhancement product that has been used for over 200 years in Haiti to increase the size and thickness of the penile.

It is the go-to 100% product for men looking for a natural way to enhance their sexual performance and improve overall penile health.

Gres Cacao contains natural ingredients that moisturize, balance the pH, and protects  the penile. Our formula was developed by our founder Winnie (aka thegreenchick) after testing it on her partner and provides the best Penile growth results. With our Gres Cacao formula, you get a traditional Haitian Natural Male Enhancement Product that offers superior results for penis lengthening and enlargement.


Gres Cacao is designed to improve your sex life and make your manhood more impressive than ever before. Experience increased blood flow, greater pleasure during intercourse, and a longer lasting effect. Our formula is formulated to bring out the best of you and bring out the best in you. Get ready to feel and look your best!



Gently melt a generous portion of the butter and apply it to the penile using circular motions. Work your way around the penis in a clockwise direction for one minute, then pull the butter forward, up, right, left and down. As the butter dries and absorbs into the body and root of the penile, the muscles will steadily grow in size over time.