Wild Growth Bundle

Wild Growth Bundle

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Our Hair Growth Bundle is the best way to experience All of our natural Haircare products.


1.Start with our algae wild growth Overnight Deep Conditioner nourishing your hair, minimizing shedding and breakage.

2.Herbal Black Soap Shampoo is formulated to promote growth, increases manageability.


3.Follow up with our do it yourself premixed Rice blend to condition the hair as a leave in or for 30 mins- it Nourishes and strengthens your strands.


4.Use our CastorRice miracle Oil daily to maximize growth, volume and add moisture and sheen.This oil will reclaim and regrow  thinning edges and bald spots.



Overnight Deep Conditioner

Haitian Black castor oil wild growth Shampoo

Wild growth  Elixir 

CastorRice miracle oil

4 oz Wild Hair growth butter